Hi, I have a discharge that started like a whitish cottage cheese like and no significant smell. Than the next day some of the bits were slightly pink coloured. I have a little bit of burning pain when I'm wiping myself, but not a lot and I can exclude SDT (I have a long term relationship).
Just make sure that the cottage cheese you give him does not exceed 10 percent of his dietary intake for the day. Moderation is vital. Thoroughly blend in a spoonful or two of cottage cheese for a medium-size dog, for instance, and no more. Skipping days might be in order, as well.

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I've had a cottage cheese like discharge for about 10 days, only noticed after sex no actual discharge in my underwear. Took another flucanazole on Monday. Checked today still the same discharge. No smell. Saw the doctor, she took a sample said it was thrush but wanted to get it tested as the drugs...
Green mucus vaginal discharge is an abnormal feminine secretion that occurs for some reasons. Most of the time, the discharge is yellow-green, has a bad smell that’s usually referred to as fishy, and a thick, creamy consistency that resembles cottage cheese.

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Dec 02, 2020 · During pregnancy, a woman may feel the need to urinate more often than usual as more blood flows toward their pelvic region. Pregnancy Discharge or Leukorrhea. Leukorrhea is the medical term for the thin white vaginal discharge with a mild odor that happens to women depending on the phase of the hormonal cycle.
Sep 21, 2020 · However, if the discharge is followed by itching and if it has a thick consistency with a cottage cheese texture, it could mean there is a yeast infection. I would say a milky white discharge can be anything from normal to suggestive of an infection depending on if there is anything else going on, such as itching, odor, or pelvic pain.

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Usually, the infection manifests through increased amounts of thick white cottage cheese discharge, itching, and a foul odor coming from the vagina. Some women also have vulvitis (inflammation of the external female anatomy, known as vulva). So even if there’s no itch or smell, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have yeast infection.
In early pregnancy, the discharge is more likely to be white or clear, but in late pregnancy, the discharge can assume a light yellow color. But, if the vaginal discharge is frothy or it develops a foul smell and causes itching and irritation, then it can be caused by vaginal infection.

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Normal vaginal discharge is white or transparent, thick or thin, has no smell, and is about a teaspoonful The consistency of vaginal discharge is different during different times of the menstrual cycle. Women who take the oral contraceptive pill or who are pregnant may find that their vaginal...

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